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Dustin Chantler

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Adventure Seeker. 
Making my start by creating skydiving videos, I am completely self-taught in learning to create what I do now. Developing my own style was started early on but it wasn't until about 2 years ago that I started taking this whole video thing more seriously. Started by making skydiving videos early on, I believe I have a very unique style that shows in all of my videos including non-skydiving videos like weddings, corporate videos, and so on. 

Very early in my skydiving career, I realized very quickly how much I enjoyed coaching others. I quickly become one of the main skydiving instructors at my home dropzone Kamloops Skydivers. After spending about 8 years there I decided to continue not only my personal flying but my level of coaching by becoming a flight instructor at iFLY Calgary where I am located now. 
Whether you are a skydiver learning for a passionate coach to help you reach your highest flying level or are looking to capture some magic behind the lens, I am eager to help! Bringing projects from the idea phase to the final product is a very rewarding process for me, so let's create something truely exciting!
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